Physics Student Counselling

Frequently asked questions about lab courses

What is the difference between the two beginner internship forms?

To give you a rough idea, the difference can be described as follows: The basic lab course tends to be associated with a somewhat lower amount of time, systematically covers a very wide range of experiments and is aimed at students who want to learn the field of experimental physics quickly. From the book "Das Neue Physikalisches Grundpraktikum" that accompanies the lab course, experiments can be selected within the specified subject areas.

In the project laboratory, the choice of experiments is relatively free, the experiments are largely set up by the group itself, and therefore participation requires a higher level of personal commitment.

Is it possible to switch between the two types of beginner lab course (basic lab course and project lab)?

At the beginning of each semester you can decide again which form of lab course you would like to take part in.

When do I have to register for the beginner lab courses?

Registration for the project laboratory usually takes place on Tuesday in the first week of term. The basic lab course uses the Moses for the assignment of times, the deadline is usually Wednesday 6:00 p.m. in the first week of term.

What requirements do I have to meet in order to register for the advanced lab course?

Students of the bachelor's degree must have completed the Experimental Physics module and an exercise certificate from a theoretical physics course. All information is given here.

How do I register for the advanced lab course?

Registration for the advanced lab course for the summer or winter semester is by March 15th. or 15.9. before the start of the lab course via email or in person.