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The habilitation is the attainment of teaching qualification at an academic university. It is of particular importance for scientists who wish to pursue a career in higher education, as the habilitation is traditionally a prerequisite for employment as a professor. With the amendment of the Higher Education Act (introduction of junior professorships), the habilitation is no longer a standard prerequisite for a university teaching career.

The habilitation is acquired in an examination procedure regulated by the habilitation regulations. Formal requirements for habilitation are a scientific university degree and a doctorate. Content-related requirements are sufficient achievements in teaching (evidenced by independent teaching activities) and in research (evidenced by a comprehensive monograph or by already published research results).

Habilitated scientists can apply for the award of a teaching license and thus attain the status of a Privatdozent*in (PD). A Privatdozent*in is obliged to teach regularly without remuneration. The teaching obligation is currently 2 semester hours per year. Through the Privatdozentur one acquires the right of membership at the university and thus certain rights in the participation in the academic self-administration, in the participation in examination procedures and in the use of university facilities.


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Backside of the statue of Werner von Siemens at the mathematics building looking across the Straße des 17. Juni at the main building in the sunshine © Oana Popa-Costea

Habilitation lectures

Dates and details for upcoming habilitation lectures can be found on the Faculty II home page.