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Election of the new institute directors

In the Institute Council Meetings of the institutes at Faculty II, new managing directors were elected at the end of April 2023 for the term of office of the next two years.

The new Managing Director of the Institute of Mathematics is Prof. Dr. Martin Henk. Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Stannat was re-elected as Deputy Managing Director.

At the Institute of Chemistry, Prof. Dr. Martin Oestreich was confirmed in office as Managing Director and Prof. Dr. Martin Kaupp as Deputy Director.

At the Institute of Solid-State PhysicsProf. Dr. Michael Kneissl was elected as Managing Director. The deputys are Prof. Dr. Mario Dähne, Prof. Dr. Stephan Reitzenstein and Prof. Dr. Christian Thomsen.

New Managing Director at the Institute of Optics and Atomic Physics is Prof. Dr. Michael Lehmann. The deputys are Prof. Dr. Otto Dopfer and Prof. Dr. Ralph Ernstorfer, Prof. Dr. Birgit Kanngießer and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Woggon.

The new Managing Director at the Institute of Theoretical Physics is Prof. Dr. André Eckardt. The Deputy Managing Director Prof. Dr. Sabine Klapp.