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Dr. Nasibeh Haghighi receives the Marthe Vogt Prize 2023

Since 2001, the Forschungsverbund Berlin (FVB) has awarded the Marthe Vogt Prize annually to a young female scientist for an outstanding dissertation in a field that is being researched by the institutes of the Forschungsverbund Berlin. This year, the FVB is even honoring two excellent young female scientists for their groundbreaking dissertations: Dr. Nasibeh Haghighi and Dr. Carla Kirschbaum. To the FVB press release.

Dr. Nasibeh Haghighi is researching novel laser diode structures for illumination and for detecting and tracking objects. "Nasibeh Haghighi is doing pioneering work in the field of Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers (VCSEL). Thanks to her interdisciplinary approach, she has achieved record values in the combination of optical power, bandwidth and efficiency, which will be essential for the societal approach," said the award committee.

In her dissertation at the Technische Universität Berlin as part of the SFB 787 "Semiconductor Nanophotonics: Materials, Models, Devices", she designed and analyzed VCSEL laser diode systems made up of nanometer-thin, crystalline aluminium gallium arsenide layers. These are smaller than the head of a pin, extremely fast, efficient and easy to mass produce and could be used billions of times in lighting systems, as eyes in production robots, for virtual reality and in autonomous vehicles in the future. Wireless fidelity (WiFi) and mobile networks can therefore transmit data ten to a hundred times faster and more energy-efficiently. The industry is already developing them to product maturity.

Nasibeh Haghighi comes from the Kurdish part of northwest Iran and studied chemistry at the universities in Kermanshah and Sanandaj. During her master's thesis, she moved to Tehran, founded a start-up and looked for a doctoral position abroad. She got this in 2017 at the Technischen Universität Berlin. She graduated summa cum laude in December 2021 and immediately started her postdoc position at the Ferdinand-Braun-Institut in Berlin. She is now a project manager in laser chip development at ams OSRAM in Regensburg.

Haghighi, Nasibeh: "Vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) and VCSEL arrays for communication and sensing", Doctoral thesis, Technische Universität Berlin, Institut für Festkörperphysik, 2022.

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