Faculty II - Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Faculty II - Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The growing complexity of challenges in business, politics and society is reflected in the profile of Faculty II and its three areas - mathematics, physics and chemistry. The interplay between basic research in mathematics and the natural sciences and application-oriented teaching and research is a prerequisite for developing solutions to current problems in nature, society and technology in cooperation with engineering, natural sciences, life sciences and social sciences. Networking with numerous non-university research institutions on a regional, national and international level as well as the orientation towards interdisciplinary research networks beyond the faculty borders characterize the self-image of Faculty II.

Accordingly, the faculty offers a total of 16 Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in mathematics, physics and chemistry, which are both basic and application-oriented, as well as other interdisciplinary programs. Numerous cooperations with international partner universities also enable students to study abroad. Faculty II also plays a central role in its service offering for students of other faculties, especially for engineering and economics courses at the TU Berlin.

Research at Faculty II is mainly supported by two clusters of excellence as well as by further collaborative research projects and several DFG research training groups. (More about research and research profile).

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