Faculty II - Mathematics and Natural Sciences
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Faculty II – Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Mathematics – Physics – Chemistry

The growing complexity of challenges in industry, politics, and society are reflected in Faculty II's profile, its three disciplines – mathematics, physics, and chemistry – and its interdisciplinarity. The interplay between mathematic and natural science basic research and application-oriented teaching and research is essential to develop solutions for current problems in nature, society, and technology working together with the engineering, natural, life, and social sciences. Close communication and cooperation with numerous non-university research institutions at regional, national and international level and a focus on interdisciplinary research associations define Faculty II’s self-image.

This is reflected in the Faculty’s range of study offers. The Institute of Mathematics offers bachelor’s and master’s study programs in Mathematics and Technomathematics as well as a master’s in Scientific Computing. The Physics and Chemistry degree programs (each offered as bachelor’s or master’s) are both basic and application-oriented with a strong focus on technical fields. Students can also pursue Chemical Engineering (bachelor’s and master’s) as well as Biological Chemistry (master’s) at the Institute of Chemistry. Additionally, the Faculty offers the following comprehensive degree programs: Natural Sciences in the Information Society (bachelor’s),  MINTgrün (pre-study orientation program with certificate), and Polymer Science (master’s). Partnerships with approximately 70 international universities provide students the opportunity to study abroad.

Faculty II also plays a key role through its course offers in the areas of mathematics, physics and chemistry for students of other faculties at TU Berlin, particularly for students studying in engineering and economics programs.

Research at the Institute of Mathematics has a strong application-driven focus with an emphasis on the development of mathematical models to describe, simulate, and optimize complex processes and phenomena of the real world. For many years, the Institute of Mathematics has been a key partner in a number of research associations at both national and international level. The Institutes of Physics’ research is focused on nanomaterials, optics, photonics, and soft matter. An important role in their fundamental research is also played by the cooperative partnerships operated with non-university research institutions in Berlin and Brandenburg. In the area of chemistry, technical and materials science chemistry traditionally form the applied components of research and act as an interdisciplinary link to the engineering sciences. In addition, homogeneous and heterogeneous as well as biological catalysis are key areas of research.

Research at Faculty II is significantly shaped by the two Clusters of Excellence - Math+ in mathematics and UniSysCat in chemistry - as well as joint research in Collaborative Research Center/Transregio 109: Discretization in Geometry and Dynamics and Collaborative Research Center 910: Control of Self-organizing Nonlinear Systems: Theoretical Methods and Concepts of Application and several DFG research training groups.

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  • Professor Dr. Etienne Emmrich (dean, also responsible for internationalization and junior scholars)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Oestreich (vice dean of research)
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Knorr (vice dean of teaching)

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