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TU Berlin signed the Green Chemistry Commitment

The Institute of Chemistry at TU Berlin has become the first European institution of any kind to sign the Green Chemistry Commitment launched by international organization Beyond Benign. By doing so, the University pledges to make the principles of green chemistry an integral part of its teaching. The aim of green chemistry is to reduce or eliminate the use or creation of hazardous substances in the chemical industry when designing chemical products. Beyond Benign seeks to incorporate educational resources for green chemistry as well as sustainable research in teaching and industry. To achieve this, the organization is working worldwide with selected partners. “We are proud and delighted to have signed up to this commitment,” says Professor Dr. Martin Oestreich, managing director of the Institute of Chemistry at TU Berlin. “It makes clear our intention and creative drive to contribute to a sustainable society using our research findings in chemistry, a process we will start in our teaching.”

Signing up to this voluntary commitment in December 2020 opens up new innovative programs to chemistry students at TU Berlin and improves their career opportunities by providing them the opportunity for exchange within international networks.

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