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NOW ONLINE: The central instructor survey about the digital 2020 summer semester at TU Berlin has started!

TU Berlin would like to improve the conditions for the digital teaching which will presumably partially continue to be required at the university in the upcoming semester. In order to achieve a reliable assessment of the digital summer semester and identify where action needs to be taken or changes need to be made for the approaching winter semester, the experiences of all our instructors are decisive and invaluable. It is for this reason that the vice president for education, digitalization and sustainability, Professor Hans-Ulrich Heiß, commissioned a central instructor survey.

Professors, lectures, teaching assistants, and tutors were and are particularly impacted by the pandemic-related restrictions on in-presence operations. The aim of the survey is therefore to record the experiences and assessments of the teaching staff regarding the specific challenges, potentials and requirements of digital teaching in restricted in-presence operations, to bringing attention to instructors’ perspectives when planning teaching for the winter semester 2020/21 and to improving conditions for restricted in-presence operations so that needs are met and objectives attained. 

All TU Berlin lecturers are cordially invited to take part in the survey.

Further Information:
Informationen und Link zur Lehrenden-Befragung 2020 

Wenke Seemann
Strategic Controlling/QPL
E-Mail: wenke.seemann(at)