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Professor Dr. Peter Strasser Awarded Brian Conway Prize

Professor Dr. Peter Strasser is the first German scientist to receive the Brian Conway Prize, awarded by the International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE). The ISE awards the prize every two years in recognition of significant contributions in physical electrochemistry. The prize will be awarded in 2021 at the ISE’s annual meeting to take place late August 2021 in South Korea.

Professor Dr. Peter Strasser has been the head of the Chair of Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Energy Conversion at TU Berlin since 2007. His research is centered on fundamental and applied aspects of electrocatalysis, that is the chemical transformation of substances using electricity on the surface of a solid catalyst. Focus is placed on the discovery, basic understanding, and practical development of innovative catalysts and catalytic reactions for electrochemical energy conversion, in particular for hydrogen-related energy technologies, such as hydrogen generation in water electrolyzers and power generation in hydrogen fuel cells. To achieve this, he and his team employ new chemical synthesis strategies, innovative in-situ analysis of catalysts under operating conditions, and customized catalyst performance tests in the real electrochemical devices.

His research group has pioneered  the discovery of core-shell catalysts for hydrogen fuel cells, which helped lower the required platinum amount in fuel cell cars. This catalyst concept is now being implemented into commercial hydrogen-fueled vehicles. His working group is also investigating similar principles for hydrogen production in electrolyzers to save the critical element Iridium. His recent work addresses the direct electrochemical conversion of water and atmospheric CO2 into carbon-neutral industrial chemicals and fuels.