Mixed Signal Circuit Design

Integrated High Frequency Circuits (Lecture)

Contact Person
Dr. Andrea Malignaggi

Integrated High-Frequency Circuits, systems and applications

EN 424
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Montag   12:00 - 14:00


Learning Outcomes
After a successful participation of the module the students are capable of:
- Understanding high frequency aspects of transistors and circuits
- Understanding different transceiver architectures and their advantages/disadvantages
- Understanding the basic principles of tuned circuits
- Designing passive integrated components and networks
- Analyzing the typical transceiver building blocks and their main features
- Comparing different high frequency circuits based on their main performance
- Understanding various high frequency applications

- Distributed approach and two port networks
- Impedance transformation and stability
- Integrated passive components
- High frequency system architectures
- High frequency low noise and power amplifiers
- High frequency mixers and frequency multipliers
- High frequency voltage controlled oscillators and phase locked loops
- High speed data communication systems
- Opto-electronic systems
- Millimeter wave radar systems
- High frequency sensors for biomedical applications
- Sub-THz systems for spectroscopy
- Low power radio frequency systems