Mixed Signal Circuit Design

Digital Integrated Circuits

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  • Integrierte Schaltungen (Lecture)
  • Integrierte Schaltungen (Exercise)

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Marcel Runge

Digital Integrated Circuits

E 020


  • Lecture:       Tuesday 08:00 - 10:00
  • Exercise:      Tuesday 10:00 - 12:00



"Integrated Circuits" - Fundamentals of silicon integrated circuit technology: transistor models from a circuit point of view; basic analog and digital circuits; static and dynamic behavior; bistable circuits; MOS logic families; practical use of Spice simulations and layout editor.

Learning Outcome:

Provides in-depth fundamental knowledge of the entire design process of integrated digital circuits, semiconductor devices, manufacturing process, layout, fundamentals of digital CMOS circuit design (gates, transmission gates, logic families), sequential circuits, arithmetic circuits.

Teachíng Content:

The content of this course focuses on the design and implementation of highly complex digital circuits (ASICs), microprocessors, memory, storage, and so on:

  • MOS capacitor and transistor physics
  • CMOS manufacturing process, the layout generation
  • CMOS-Inverter-Design, power consumption, propagation delay
  • CMOS complex gates,
  • Logic Effort
  • Dynamic CMOS logic, power consumption, propagation delay
  • CMOS Latches, CMOS-Register
  • Memory cells (SRAM, DRAM)