Mixed Signal Circuit Design

System-on-Chip Entwurf und Programmierung und ARM-Lab

Associated Courses:
System-on-Chip - Entwurf und Programmierung (Vorlesung)
System-on-Chip Mikroprozessor ARM (Projekt)

Contact Persons
Tobias Kaiser
Marco Liem

System-on-Chip (SOC) + ARM Lab

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HFT-TA 131 (Vorlesung)
H 0111 (Projekt)

Monday  12:00 - 14:00  (Vorlesung)
Tuesday 12:00 - 14:00  (Projekt)
Start: 25.04.2022

Learning Outcome

Students master the theory and practice the design of highly complex digital circuits and systems incl. Microprocessors based on hardware description languages such as VHDL (Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language).

Teaching Content

Hardware design and programming of "Embedded Systems", SoC Design Flow, IP Reuse, Hardware Sofware Co-Design, SoC architectures (on / off-chip busses and I/Ointerfaces.), Introduction to a 32-bit RISC CPU (ARM7TDMI); Based operating system; FPGA prototype board / ASIC implementation project group work: FPGA hardware programming and development of the associated device drivers for 32-bit CPU (ARM7TDMI)