Methods for Product Development and Mechatronics

Mobile Autonomous RoBot for Litter Emptying (MARBLE)

The project MARBLE by the TU Berlin aims to optimise the energy consumption and foremost avoid the carbon dioxide emission produced during the process of emptying garbage bins by the municipal waste management (BSR). Hence within a three-year project the department Methodology in Product development and Mechatronics shall produce a functional prototype for this task. During the course of this undertaking the TU Berlin and its associated partner in this project the BSR will investigate how far a specially developed service robot can support and improve the existing process in the field of waste management in a city like Berlin. The goal is to avoid carbon dioxide emissions and optimise energy consumption as well as to support the BSR in the tasks and challenges to come concerning structural and demographic changes in the future.

Social sustainability in project MURMEL:


The concept of sustainability encompasses the three dimensions of ecological, social and economic sustainability. In recent years, however, sustainability has mainly been associated with the ecological aspect. In the methodological development of a prototype in the MURMEL project, however, the other two dimensions, especially social sustainability, are also addressed. Jonas Kohl has dealt with this topic in greater depth and, as part of the project, has created a guideline for taking social sustainability into account in automation initiatives. This guideline is intended to help initiators of an automation project to consider different aspects of social sustainability and to incorporate them in the concept phase.

The guideline can be found here: Guideline

Project details

The project „Mobile Autonomous RoBot for Litter Emptying - MARBLE“ (from 04/2019 until 03/2023) is promoted by the Berliner Programm für Nachhaltige Entwicklung (BENE) and receives funds from the European Regional Development Fund and the Land Berlin (reference number: 1247-B5-O).


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Partner and Funding

Michel Joop van der Schoor