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MPM with project MURMEL at the Deutsche Aktionstage Nachhaltigkeit (DAN) on the EUREF campus

On September 20th, the team from the MURMEL project (Mobile Autonomous RoBot for Litter Emptying) from Faculty V - Department - MPM (Methods of Product Development and Mechatronics) on the EUREF campus presented the robot MURMEL at the Deutsche Aktionstage Nachhaltigkeit (DAN). The MURMEL project of the TU Berlin envisages optimizing the process of emptying the wastebasket at the BSR with the help of a service robot in terms of CO2 emissions and energy requirements. For this purpose, a modular functional prototype and its integration into the process chain will be developed at the MPM department over the project period of three years. In the methodological development of a prototype in the MURMEL project, not only the ecological and economic aspects of sustainability should be taken into account, but also social sustainability in particular.

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