Methods for Product Development and Mechatronics
Welcome to Chair of MPM
Innovative and sustainable products are created on the basis of an efficient and effective development methodology.
HoLa at IAA Transportation
Presentation of the joint project "HoLa" (high performance charging for long-haul trucking) at the IAA Transportation 2022 in Hanover
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Workshop with international Design Society
Workshop on "Co-evolution of design research and design practice - implications of new methodological developments on future design processes"
Demonstration of MURMEL at the BSR Executive Day
Welcome to Chair of MPM
HoLa at IAA Transportation
Workshop with international Design Society
Demonstration of MURMEL at the BSR Executive Day

The research at MPM is both product- and process-oriented.

In doing so, we combine the methods of "classical engineering design" with the integrative approaches of mechatronics. Four key areas are in the forefront:

  • Methods of product development
  • Mechatronic systems
  • System simulation
  • New concepts for sustainable products

New methodological approaches are usually tested and validated in specific research projects. Our current application projects focus on the necessary changes in development processes for the successful adoption of additive technologies, as well as concepts and systems for a climate-friendly transformation of our transport system.

In our courses, we provide students with a comprehensive insight into the product development process of mechatronic products.

We also look at product development from the perspective of holistic sustainability. In particular, we offer the following courses in the Bachelor's programme:

  • Fundamentals of Design
  • Application-oriented Design Methodology
  • CAD in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering
  • Electric Vehicle Technologies

In the Master's programme

  • Integrative product development
  • Simulation of mechatronic systems
  • Development methods for sustainable products


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Chair of Methods of Product Development and Mechatronics

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