Applied and Molecular Microbiology

Study & Teaching at the Chair of Applied and Molecular Microbiology

Study & Teaching

The Chair of Applied and Molecular Microbiology offers courses for students in the following degree programs: biotechnology, brewing and beverage technology, food biotechnology, food chemistry, as well as the food science and nutrition teacher training program.

A core objective of the academic chair is to awaken students’ curiosity and enthusiasm for the secrets of the (micro)biological world through its teaching on how microbiological systems work and how this knowledge can be applied for a more efficient and sustainable use of microorganisms in industry as well as to develop strategies, for example for fighting pathogenic microorganisms. Particular emphasis is placed on teaching and encouraging students to engage with the material at an interdisciplinary level and strengthen their critical thinking.

The courses offered by the academic chair are continuously developed on the basis of the overarching curricula of the University’s degree programs, the tremendous advances in knowledge in the field of applied and molecular microbiology in recent years as well as new trends in white and red biotechnology.