Applied and Molecular Microbiology

Our Research Profile

The focus of our academic chair is on the genetic optimization of the agent production of pro- and eukaryotic production systems, the production and characterization of bioactive substances with help of microbial production systems, and the development of new antifungal agents and strategies. Our research also includes extensive work in the areas of quantitative biology and systems biotechnology to gain a comprehensive understanding of the cell and its dynamics. An interdisciplinary approach combining microbiology, mathematics, and engineering is essential for modeling cellular processes and using these models to exploit microorganisms in a predictable and controlled manner and achieve maximum performance capabilities.

Click here to read about our current projects exploring the interfaces between genomics, physiology, cell biology, bioinformatics, bioprocess engineering and art.

Our current research is funded by: DFG, BMBF, TU Berlin, SynPepBio, BASF and Rousselot. We would also like to thank all former funders for their support.

Why we conduct research on fungi...

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Why we combine science and art in our research...

...was a question asked to Vera Meyer during the Falling Walls and Berlin Science Week 2020. Find out what she has to say here.

Why we want to be bio pioneers


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