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To read scientific publications, you must either pay a great deal of money or none at all. The Open Access movement is dedicated to ensuring anyone in science, policy, or civil society can freely access scientific literature. We actively contribute to this paradigm shift through several actions and efforts. As founder and editor-in-chief of the OA journal Fungal Biology and Biotechnology (on Twitter: @FBBiotech) and as the open access representative at TU Berlin, Vera Meyer is among the first scientists in Germany to have resigned from their editorial work for the Closed Access publisher Elsevier and endorse the goals of the nationwide Projekt DEAL.

Panel discussion on the future of scientific publishing at TU Berlin

In 2019, the TU Berlin University Press celebrated its 50th anniversary. Under the title “One look back and two forward,” a panel discussion was held at the University Library on 22 October 2019. In her opening talk, Professor Vera Meyer, open access representative at TU Berlin, discussed the future of scientific publishing. Her full remarks can be read here.

We would also like to provide a brief excerpt: " [...] We are only able to gain knowledge through theoretical and experimental work financed by taxpayer funds. Doesn't it seem obvious to make this knowledge freely available to the general public?”

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