Applied and Molecular Microbiology


2022 // Poster Award - Dipl.-Ing. Lars Barthel

Lars Barthel won a Poster Award at the Asperfest of the Fungal Genetics Conference in Asilomar, California, for his poster titled "Quantifying fungal pellets during submerged cultivation: from 3D X-ray to microtomography imaging to diffusive mass transport." The Aspergillus Meeting is the most renowned international annual meeting of the Aspergillus community.

2020 // GDCh Doctoral Prize - Dr. Charlotte Steiniger

Our postdoc Charlotte Steiniger won the 2020 Doctoral Prize awarded by the GDCh Division of Medical Chemistry. She completed her dissertation “Studies on the Mechanism and the Reprogramming of Fungal Iterative Cyclodepsipeptide Synthetases” in Professor Roderich D. Süssmacht’s research group in collaboration with our academic chair.

2019 // GCSB Best Poster Award - Dr. Charlotte Steiniger

Dr. Charlotte Steiniger won one of two Best Poster Awards in September 2019 at the German Conference on Synthetic Biology (GCSB) in Aachen. Her posted was titled "Tailored Engineering of fungal nonribosomal Peptide Synthetases to obtain artificial Cyclodepsipeptides."

2019 // ISINA Best Poster Award - Dr. Charlotte Steiniger

In March 2019, Dr. Charlotte Steiniger won one of three ISINA Best Poster Awards, awarded annually across all MINT disciplines at the ISINA Conference in Chemnitz.

2015 // Best Student Poster Award - Dipl.-Ing. Franziska Wanka

Dipl.-Ing. Franziska Wanka won the Best Student Poster Award at the 12th Aspergillus Meeting in Asilomar, California, for her poster titled "Choose ON or OFF: A regulatable gene expression system for filamentous fungi." The Aspergillus Meeting is the most renowned international annual meeting of the Aspergillus community, which focuses on the biotechnological and clinical significance of this fungal strain.

2015 // Novozymes Poster Prize - Dipl.-Ing. Tabea Schütze

In April 2015, Tabea Schütze won one of the three prizes for best poster awarded to doctoral candidates at the Aspergillus Meeting in Paris. Her poster presented findings on polycistronic gene expression in Aspergillus niger.

2015 // DECHEMA Student Award - Tutku Kurt M.Sc.

Tutku Kurz received the 2015 DECHEMA student award for earning outstanding grades during her studies, which she completed within the standard period study. The prize also recognizes her scientific contributions at the Chair of Applied and Molecular Microbiology, led by Professor Vera Meyer, which included two publications and a patent submission.

2014 // DECHEMA Biotechnology Future Forum Award - Simon Boecker M.Sc.

Simon Boecker, a biotechnology graduate of TU Berlin, received the DECHEMA Future Forum Award for his outstanding interdisciplinary contributions to the field of biotechnology. [...] Read more here.