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Science means breaking new ground. To venture into the unknown and take risks – even if this includes the possibility of failure. The same applies to art. Samuel Beckett said it best:
“Ever tried.
Ever failed.
No matter.
Try again.
Fail again.
Fail better.”

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Vera Meyer

Vera Meyer also works as a visual artist, using the pseudonym V. meer (also on Instagram). Inspired by her scientific work with fungi, she puts a strong emphasis on sculpting and creating objects from chance finds like forest mushrooms, decaying wood and scrap metal. Through her artwork she wants to enhance our awareness of fungi and their potential in biotechnology, as well as their role in a sustainable bioeconomy. Her scientific art has been featured in a number of places, including DECHEMA and the NDR Kulturjournal.

Select pieces from the ARTOMICS exhibition

ARTOMICS (4): Memento mori
ARTOMICS (3): Ad Astra Serie - Raumschiff II
ARTOMICS (2): Auf der Bühne I
ARTOMICS (1): Zoomorph Serie - Iyora I

Charlotte Steiniger

Charlotte Steiniger currently works as a biotechnologist in Vera Meyer’s team and explores the enormous potential of fungi for the production of diverse natural products. As a part-time illustrator and web designer, she is also passionate about art in its manifold forms of expression. Charlotte’s work ranges from classical oil and acrylic paintings on canvas to digital cartoons through to handicraft in the form of clay figures, sewing, and knitting art.

Charlotte’s cartoon series "Have some FUNgi!”

Have some FUNgi! (4): Troubleshooting
Have some FUNgi! (3): Jagdsaison alias Die Munchmorchel
Have some FUNgi! (2): Parasol-Protection
Have some FUNgi! (1): Fliegenpilz-Flirt

Charlotte’s contribution to TugetherAtHome

You can find the finished product here and on TU Berlin’s Instagram profile.

Bertram Schmidt

Bertram Schmidt currently works as a biotechnologist in Vera Meyer’s team and is dedicated to the research of fungi and their possible applications as novel biomaterials. He is also interested in materials in an aesthetic sense, whether in impasto oil painting, carving wood or forging steel.