Health Care Management

Blended-Learning-Course: HTAonline

Health Technology Assessment is a form of policy-informing research which is employed increasingly to inform evidence-based decision-making in health care. The primary aim of this course is to provide an insight into the basic concepts and methods in HTA production and utilisation as well as its application within the German health care system. Participants are subsequently trained in the main steps of conducting an assessment.

The course takes the format of blended learning, combining face-to-face and online activities. With the exception of the three compact seminars (6h each), participants do not need to be at the university. During the online phase the workload should be estimated at approximately 3 hours per day. Participants can obtain a graded certificate (6 ECTS points) or a certificate of attendance. The prerequisite for successfully completing the course is a minimum number of points attained by means of participation in the face-to-face and web-based seminars, homework and a final online exam.

Course objective

Application of HTA as a decision-maker in the health system or a conductor and/or user of assessment reports.

Target group

Professionals within the German health system or other interested parties (knowledge of the German language required!).

 The course is available for students in a more compact form during the spring semester.

Course Overview

Blended learning course (face-to-face and online learning)

Workload: 7-10 h/w

Language: German

Maximum number of participants: 20

Course fee: 1.350,00 €

More information regarding registration please find on the German website.


A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course (graded upon request).

Learning for professionals

HTAonline follows the concept of extra-occupational learning. It is a moderated, interactive online course with three face-to-face compact seminars. During the online phase participation in the course is possible from anywhere with an internet connection. Participants can plan their learning time according to their schedules.

Lecturers and authors

Bertelsmannn H, Busse R, Droste S, Francke R, Gawlik Ch, Gerhardus A, Gibis B, Hoffmann Ch, Kaiser T, Lelgemann M, Lühmann D, Matthias K, Perleth M, v Pritzbuer E, Rasch A, Schiffner R, Velasco Garrido M, Zentner A, Panteli D