Health Care Management

Doctoral programs at the department

The Department of Health Care Management can potentially award different degrees, including the PhD in economics (Dr. rer. Oec) and a Dr in Public Health (Dr. P.H.). In principle, it is also possible to obtain a Dr. med. from the Charité.

Please see the following important documents on how our particular doctoral program works:    

PhD regulations of 2014 (e. g. Dr.-Ing./ Dr. rer. oec.)

Promotionsordnung Dr. P.H.

Promotionsordnung Charité (Dr. med./ Dr. med. dent.)



Options for pursuing PhD studies

There are two main options for pursuing a PhD at the department. On the one hand, almost all research staff will sooner or later aim to obtain a PhD on the basis of research conducted as part of the different research projects carried out by the department. On the other hand, a small number of selected external candidates who bring their own funding, e.g. who have their own scholarships, may be accepted as PhD candidates at the department. Information on different scholarship opportunities is available here.



All PhD candidates at the department must demonstrate as part of their PhD studies their ability to carry out independent scientific work. In addition to the writing of a dissertation, the candidate must be able to do the following:

  • Recognize scientifically challenging questions that are also politically relevant
  • Correctly apply complex, contemporary scientific methods, including meaningful evaluations and interpretations of results
  • Work in a team and in an international environment
  • Present (ongoing) results to a seminar of fellow PhD candidates on a regular basis
  • Publish the research results in scientific journals


Application as an external PhD candidate

If you are interested in pursuing PhD studies at the department, please send an email to the secretary of the department:

Current calls for open researcher positions are published here.

Due to a high number of requests, we can accept external PhD candidates only in exceptional cases. Interested candidates should be aware that undertaking a PhD project requires a considerable amount of time (at least three years). According to our experience, candidates are unable to satisfy the requirements outlined above while working on another permanent full-time contract. External PhD candidates should plan to spend several months at our department, or possibly at another university.

Applications for admission as a PhD student should include the following:

  1. A letter of motivation (including a description about how you will sponsor yourself during the time of your research)
  2. A full CV with details of achieved academic degrees and final grades
  3. A brief synopsis of the planned dissertation (approx. 5 pages, outlining background, objectives, research questions, methods, expected results, and including a time frame)

Please understand that we can only reply to applicants who submit all of the required documents.


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