Health Care Management

Health Technology Assessment

The aim of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is to support decision-making at different levels of the health care system. It is a multidisciplinary and systematic approach which provides summaries of the relevant scientific evidence on specific technologies (e.g. drugs, surgical interventions, medical devices, or organisational arrangements such as disease management programmes).
It is a broad approach covering the clinical, economic, social, ethical, and organisational aspects of technology use in health care. Outputs of HTA are so-called HTA-reports, where the scientific evidence is presented in a format tailored for decision-makers.

HTA contributes to the improvement of health care quality through identification of effective interventions which are acceptable in the social context of their application.

The Department for Health Care Management at the TU has been involved in the development of HTA for years through its contributions to several international projects, such as the EUnetHTA network.

The Department is a partner of the German IQWiG and DAHTA@DIMDI in the production of HTA reports relevant for decision-making in the German health care system.