Health Care Management

Magnet4Europe - Improving mental health and Wellbeing in the health care workplace


The Magnet4Europe study aims to implement and evaluate the evidence-based Magnet model of organizational redesign in 60 hospitals in 5 European countries. The Magnet concept will be implemented via several means including one-to-one twinning with Magnet recognized hospitals bottom-up participatory engangement of staff in the hospitals a European learning collaborative and support from policymakers to promote success and sustainability and a critical mass of institutions. Magnet4Europe uses a mixed method evaluation design (RCT and qualitative process evaluation) to determine direct and indirect effects on mental health outcomes satisfaction and cost effectiveness. 


W. Sermeus, L.H. Aiken, et al. (2022): A workplace organisational intervention to improve hospital nurses’ and physicians’ mental health: study protocol for the Magnet4Europe wait list cluster randomised controlled trial. BMJ open, 12(7), e059159.

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J. Kleine, J. Köppen, C.B. Maier (2022): Umgestaltung des Arbeitsumfelds von Pflegefachpersonen und Ärzt:innen in europäischen Krankenhäusern. Soziale Sicherheit.

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