Health Care Management


The WE CARE project coordinates the development of an R&D Roadmap to deliver high quality, affordable Healthcare to all EU citizens.

CHALLENGE EU-wide there is a clear and urgent need to curb healthcare costs. Healthcare spending in the five largest economies of EU has grown 27% from 2005 to 2010. The situation is equally alarming in other EU member states. The societal and economic impacts of this trend are enormous, jeopardizing the affordability and accessibility of healthcare to all EU citizens.

MISSION The EU invited the WE CARE consortium to coordinate the development of a new R&D Strategic plan and R&D Roadmap on cost containment of healthcare with maintained or even improved quality, by stepping-up coordination between EU-Key players.

IMPLEMENTATION A series of workshops are held between April and September 2014 to explore the gaps in the present EU-RD research program and to inventory ideas for the proposed Strategic plan and R&D Roadmap. In a multidisciplinary environment different options can be explored, such as: potentials for increased patient involvement in treatment decisions; information technology’s role in reducing healthcare costs; impacts of extended pharmaceutical services to reduce hospital care, and; design of reimbursement systems that encourage quality and reduce costs.

On April 14‐15, 2015 a conference is held in Gothenburg to discuss and synthesize the results of the workshops, and to finalize the new Strategy Plan and R&D Road Map for the future EU HEALTH R&D program.

IMPACT WE CARE will define research areas  with break-through potential to safeguard the quality and affordability of healthcare to all EU citizens.