Health Care Management

Advisory activity (Selection)

World Health Organization (various temporary advisorships)

Deutscher Bundestag/German Federal Parliament (several times invited expert)

BKK-Bundesverband (Federal Association of Company-based Sickness Funds):

• Member, Advisory Committee „MedicalContact - Telematikgestütztes Disease-Management bei Hochrisiken", 2001-2006
• Member/ Vice Chair, Scientific Council, 2004-2008

German Agency for Health Technology Assessment:

  • Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, 2002-2007

BMBF-Competency Network „Community acquired pneumonia“:

  • Member, CAPNetz-Advisory Board since 2002

Institut des Sciences de la Santé:

  • Member, Advisory Board, 2004-2006

Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung [Federal Association of SHI Physicians]:

  • Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, the project morbidity-based output volume since 2004

Federal Physicians’ Chamber (Bundesärztekammer):

  • Member, Standing Committee on Health Services Research of the Scientific Council since 2005

European Health Management Association (EHMA):

  • Member, Scientific Advisory Board, 2005-2007

Federal Ministry of Health (BMG):

  • Member, Scientific Advisory Committee of design and development of the risk structure compensation, 2007-2008

Central Research Institute of Ambulatory Health Care in Germany (ZI):

  • Member, Scientific Advisory Committee since 2010