Micro and Precision Devices

Mandatory internship for Engineering Students

The Chair of Micro and Precision Devices offers master's students in engineering the opportunity to complete compulsory internships in research operations.

The possible topics for internships within micro- and nanotechnology are diverse and must be specified in detail. The following topics are possible:

  • Thin film technology (vapor deposition, electroplating)
  • Micro particalsl
  • Microcomposites
  • Plastics technology (micro injection molding, hot embossing)
  • Micro-optical systems
  • Micro mechanical systems
  • Micro electrical systems

Credit for the internship is possible for the following master's degree programs:

Mechanical Engineering

Production Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Computational Engineering Science.


For all other majors, prior arrangement must be made with the internship supervisor.

If interested, please send an application to: