Medical Engineering

The Study of Biomedical Engineering

The master's program in Biomedical Engineering provides knowledge of the function, structure, development and use of medical devices and instruments for prevention, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation. In addition to the physical principles of action, the focus is on their implementation in device technology, taking into account the special safety aspects of the interaction of technical systems with the human body. The focus of the course is on expanding student skills in the areas of mechanics and design.

The topics of medical engineering, rehabilitation technology as well as occupational science and ergonomics in healthcare can be selected. In addition to imparting subject-specific knowledge, the teaching is increasingly focused on the development of personal, methodological and social skills for goal-oriented problem solving. Experimental and analytical group exercises, which are carried out in close contact with clinics and industrial partners, are an integral part of the course.

Study Plans

As part of your studies in biomedical engineering, you must attend various compulsory modules and compulsory and elective modules, perform work in the form of student assignments, and provide evidence of an internship.

The following study plans are intended to help you put together your individual schedule. The study plans include the essential elements of the study program as well as the compulsory subjects – mainly offered by the Chair of Medical Engineering.

These study plans are not binding. However, please note that for some subjects other subjects should be available as a basis. Furthermore, when compiling your study plan, we ask you to take into account that the examination-equivalent study achievements offered by us require a large amount of time, so they should be distributed sensibly over the duration of your studies.

The plans are only examples of the possible choice of modules and should only serve as an illustration. The actual choice and timing of modules in the semester are up to you within the framework of the module list (which you can view in the Moses account) and chosen specialization for the Biomedical Engineering program.

FAQs about the study