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MCC receives funding for three projects

We have been successful with three project proposals which are now starting:

  • In OptiFaaS (DFG), we study together with Prof. Dr. Sergio Lucia (TU Dortmund) how optimization approaches from model predictive control can be used to optimize geo-distributed cloud-to-edge FaaS platforms.

  • In GeoVER (BMDV), we use our GeoBroker prototype as a basis for building an information and geowarning distribution platform for an air traffic use case. The project is in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom and the Schönhagen airfield.

  • In 6G_NeXt, we are part of a 9-partner consortium and jointly develop an integrated hardware-software platform for 6G applications as well as two use cases. Our focus is on developing a serverless edge cloud platform as runtime environment for such applications.

Further information on all three projects can be found on our projects website.