Unix Pool Software

Unix Pool workstations are powered by Debian GNU/Linux. In addition to the open source applications that are usually available on Linux desktops, there are also several commercial packages licensed to use for our students. Further Details can be found here.

Verfügbare Software und Lizenzen


Current version: Maple 2022


- run Maple:
  - maple
  - xmaple
  - mint
  - mhelp
- run a specific version:
  - maple16 (for v16)
- run Maple with empty working directory:
  - maple-cleanstart
  - xmaple-cleanstart
  - alternatively: remove ".maple" directory
- display supported commands:
  - maple-wrapper

Hint: The entry in the graphical desktop's start menu runs the most current version.


- 100x Maple
- usable inside Unix Pool and MA building's terminal rooms



Current version: Comsol 5.5


- run Comsol:
  - comsol
- run a specific version:
  - comsol50 (für v5.0)
- run Comsol with empty working directory:
  - comsol-cleanstart
  - alternatively: remove ".comsol" directory
- display supported commands:
  - comsol-wrapper

Hint: The entry in the graphical desktop's start menu runs the most current version.


- 30x Comsol (one ClassKeyLicense)
- available for teaching purposes and thesis papers (not to be used for research and publications)
- accessable inside Unix-Pool



Current version: Matlab R2022a


- run:
  - matlab
  - mex
- run a specific version:
  - matlab-R2014a (for vR2014a)
- run with empty working directory:
  - matlab-cleanstart
  - alternatively: remove ".matlab" directory
- display supported commands:
  - matlab-wrapper

After running matlab-cleanstart:

- update "Toolbox Path Cache":
  - "Preferences" -> "General" -> "Update Toolbox Path Cache"
- set up options for Matlab Compiler:
  - /usr/site-local/share/matlab/R2011a/bin/mbuild -setup  (oder mbuildopts.sh???)

Hint: Über das grafische Desktop-Menü wird die jeweils aktuellste Version gestartet.


Unix Pool users have got access to the TU license server, which grants a virtually unlimited number of Matlab instances and the capability of using all existing toolboxes.



The Unix Pool features a web environment called "Jupyter-Hub", which allows using a selection of programming languages.


- https://www-pool.math.tu-berlin.de/jupyter
- (Login with Unix Pool Account)

Available Languages:

- Python (2/2.7/3)
- Matlab
- Julia
- R
- C
- Sagemath



Current version: Julia v1.7.3 (2022-05-06)


- run julia:
  - "julia"
  - or log into Jupyter-Hub: https://www-pool.math.tu-berlin.de/jupyter



Available versions:

- Python 2.7
- Python 3.6
- Python 3.7
- Python 3.9


- run python shell:
  - python2
  - python3

Hint: "python2" and "python3" are each linked to their most up to date version (2.7 and 3.7, respectively).

- run a specific version:
  - python2.7
  - python3.6
  - python3.7
  - python3.9



"x2go" is a tool that makes is possible to open a remote graphical desktop on a Unix Pool machine.

An in-depth tutorial on how to install and configure "x2go" can be found here.