Remote Access via x2go

With the application "x2go" (available for Linux/MacOS/Windows), users can open a graphical desktop on one of our workstations, which can then be used remotely. This requires an installation of the client software on the user's machine. Installation instructions can be found below.

Please note that our x2go farm is still in testing phase, which means we are still gathering experience with running multiple x2go session at the same time. If you encounter graphical lags, please try again later!

Important: Please keep in mind that there might be other users who wish to use our x2go service, and keep your connection open only as long as you need to.

1. Download and Install Client

First, download the client software (file [1]) and install it on your device.

2. Import Host-Keys

Next you need our host file (file [2]), which contains data about the available 15 hosts. Insert them into your configuration as follows:

On Linux/MacOS:

Open a terminal emulator and enter the following (confirming by pressing <return>):

  • cat ~/Downloads/x2go-ssh_known_hosts >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts

On MS Windows:

  • Open file [1] in a text editor: %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\x2go-ssh_known_hosts
  • Open file [2] in a text editor: %USERPROFILE%\ssh\known_hosts
  • Copy contents of file [1] into file [2], then save.

3. Session Configuration: Session

During first startup, the x2go client will display a configuration window (if not, select "Session" -> "New Session" in the menu). You have to enter the following:

Session title (e. g.):Unix-Pool
Unix Pool username (e.g.)lvc-105
Type of Sessionchoose XFCE!

4. Session Configuration: In-/Output

Under the tab "In-/Output" one has to enter:

In-/Output Settings

Resolution (DPI)72 / 96 / 120
 (the smaller the resolution, the larger the fonts and icons)

5. Session Selection and Startup

A session is selected by clicking on its name. All that is left to do is entering the password, can clicking "OK". Your x2go session should now start up.