Printing at Unix Pool

With a Unix Pool account, students have the option to use our printers. Each account comes with a printing quota that is reset every month. The Unix Pool facilities have got three printers installed:


To print a document, you can use the printing dialogue of your preferred application, although we recommend the operating system's printing dialogue which is more reliable. Experienced users may use the Linux command line printing tools, too.

Default settings:

  • nearest B/W printer
  • two-sided (long edge)
  • one document page per printed page

Printing Quotas

User accounts issued at Unix Pool come with a printing quota:

Account TypeQuota (B/W)Quota (Colour)
Regular User50 sheets (up to 100 pages)3 sheets (up to 6 pages)
Course Participant12 sheets (up to 24 pages)3 sheets (up to 6 pages)

Hint: Unix-Pool does not offer the option to extend a quota by payment.

Managing Print Jobs

  • poolprint - displays quota and lets the user stop and cancel jobs
  • pquota - displays quota information on a command line
  • lpr - the "lpr" group of commands is Linux's traditional tool used for printing and managing jobs
lpr () ( ...)Print using default printer
lpr -Pps2print on printer ps2
lpr -o sides=one-sided -Pps2print one-sided on ps2
lpr -Pps2 -#print copies on ps2
lpq -Pps2Show queue of printer ps2
cancelDelete job no.
lpmoveMove job to printer
Befehle zur Verwaltung von Druckaufträgen

More Useful Printing Options

With a little workaround, it is possible to print multiple pages or book layouts. For that to work, one has to convert the decument to be printed into a .ps file. The following examplary commands can be applied:

More Useful Printing Options

Make two pages appear on one page ...zwei Seiten auf einem Blatt erscheinenpsnup -2 in.ps out.ps
Arrange pages like in a book ...Seiten wie bei einem Buch angeordnet sindpsbook in.ps out.ps
Turn every other page by 180° ...jede zweite Seite um 180° gedreht istbookmaker in.ps out.ps
Print in book layout ...es gefaltet als Buch gelesen werden kannbookmaker -2 in.ps out.ps