How to Apply for a User Account

Accessing the devices at Unix Pool with a TU account ist not supported, as a separate user account is required. All students of mathematics and maths-related majors are eligible to use the Institute of Mathematics' IT Teaching Subdivisions' infrastructure. Exceptions are made for all participants of lectures that are held at Unix Pool.

Private (Regular) User Accounts

Regular accounts are issued to students who are enrolled in one of the following programs:

  • Mathematics
  • Economy and Maths
  • Technomaths
  • Scientific Computing
  • MINTgrün

To create an account, please visit the Unix Pool reception during opening times and bring the following:

  • Student ID
  • Certificate of Enrollment (current semester) (displaying a digital version is sufficient)

Lecture Participant Accounts

Lecture participants' accounts are issued by the course's supervisor. Those logins are valid during the runtime of the corresponding course and are going to be deleted once that semester is over.