Anmeldung von Lehrveranstaltungen

This page contains information for professors and course supervisors who would like to book the Unix Pool facilities for teaching purposes. To process your request, please supply us with all information needed regarding your course and requirements by using this form: Application form

All requests are processed on a "first to come, first to serve" basis. After successful application, an necessary number of workplaces are going to be reserved in a specified time slot each week, in order to supply each course participant with a computer workplace. This means, in those time slots the workplaces will not be usable by anyone else. Thus, we kindly ask for a realistic and appropriate estimation of workplaces needed. If you need to modify any arrangements made with Unix Pool, please get in touch with our staff as soon as possible.

User Account Scheme

User accounts for course participants are created at the beginning of the semester and deleted as soon as the semester is over. Should these accounts be required for an extended period, please make this clear during application!

Login accounts (and their corresponding e-mail aliases) are named after the following pattern:

  • xyz-### (course titel abbrev. + number)
  • xyz-###@pool.math.tu-berlin.de (e-mail alias)

The following ranges are reserverd:

  • xyz-001 > xyz-099 - course supervisors
  • xyz-101 > xyz-999 - participants

A few examples:

"cma-003" is a supervisor belonging to the "Computerorientierte Mathematik" course.
"acc-1f4" would be a participant of "Anwendung von Computern in der Chemie".
The latter can be reached out to via acc-1f4@pool.math.tu-berlin.de.

Network Storage and Version Control

Each course is granted access to a network storage directory on our servers, which can be used to supply participants with relevant materials. By default, supervisors have writing permissions, while participants are merely allowed to access it read-only.

If desired, a subversion repository can be set up in addition. This may e.g. contain publicly available documents or separated directories for group assignments.

Contact Information

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Front Desk:

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