On the web pages of the Institute of Mathematics' IT Departments' Teaching Infrastructure Subdivision you can learn everything important about the Unix Pool and its attached units. More than 100 Linux-powered workplaces are at the students' disposal, and are also open for use in lectures which require computational resources as well as online examinations. All devices in and around the Unix Pool area are run with the free and open source operating system GNU/Linux (Debian).


We are open again - 16.10.2023

After the last obstacles have been cleared out of the way, we can finally make the "Teaching computer area of the Institute of Mathematics", i.e. the Unix-Pool, available again for all students of the mathematical subjects and the courses taking place here.

X2Go-Farm reachable again - 19.07.2023

Due to the total power shutdown in the mathematics building, our X2Go farm was no longer accessible. Now it has been moved and can be used again with a Unix-Pool account. However, other SSH-Host-Keys have to be used for this. Detailed information about this [here].

Reopening date still unclear - 07/18/2023

Unfortunately, the Unix-Pool (teaching computer area of the Institute of Mathematics) is at the back of the list after a reopening prioritization. Thus, we can only hope that the operation can be resumed on time with the start of the winter semester 2023/24.

Special meeting of the Math Institute Council on June 28, 2023.

There will be a special meeting of the Institute Council on June 28, 2023. There we will (hopefully) receive the information we need about the further operation of the mathematics building.

Building closure as of 19.06.2023

Due to the building closure we have to stop the public operation of the Unix-Pool until further notice. Due to the further power outage on the east side of the institute building, unfortunately our X2Go farm is also out of order, we will try to restore power and network of the X2Go farm in the next days.

Since power is still available on the west side of the building, the rest of the Unix pool is still working:

  • ssh-access via pool.math.tu-berlin.de
  • web and mail server
  • jupyterhub server with Python, Julia, Sage and others.
  • all computer workstations in all rooms

In the next days (from 20.06.23) decisions about the operation of the institute will be made, also about the Unix pool with its important, central functions.

An overview can be found in the "Reservation Overview".