IT Services

Rules for the EDP area of the Department of Mathematics at the Technische Universität Berlin

Rules / Regulations

The user rules make the systematic operation of the EDP equipment possible and guarantee the safety of people, data and equipment.

  • All users are allowed appropriate and responsible use of the information technological equipment. On the understanding that use is based on mutual agreement.
  • Each user should make himself familiar with the use of e-mail, especially to be able to receive messages from the computer operational staff.
  • All legal regulations which concern the use of the information technology, especially data security and copyright regulations, are to be observed,
  • Basically all information technological equipment is at the disposal of all users in the scope determined by the Department of Mathematics. The only exceptions to this rule are:
    • equipment, which is specially provided or used in a special way in individual sub-divisions of the department,
    • the teaching computer area.

         Limitations and exceptions would be adapted to the respective current situation           and made known by the computer operational staff by means of an appropriate           information service.

  • The department network is to be used economically. Excessive costs are to be avoided. This applies among others to:
    • occupying the computers in the computer rooms,
    • the use of resources (e.g. CPU time or disc space) in excess of the normal amount,
    • the use of printers.
  • The resources of external EDP equipment (especially the use of information services) should be used economically.
    • international data traffic export regulations and the laws of other countries concerned should be observed.
    • external EDP equipment may only be used by the TU for the purpose of research and teaching. The use of external EDP equipment in the teaching computer area is basically prohibited for participants of lectures.
    • with importation of data from external equipment, danger to the department network should always be kept in mind and avoided.
    • if the use of external EDP equipment causes costs or fees, use must be applied for through the supervisor of the EDP area in the Department of Mathematics. Use can be refused if a less expensive alternative exists or if no funds are at disposal in the Department of Mathematics for the intended purpose of use.
  • It is the users own responsibility to protect their own data and their authorization from misuse and unauthorized access within the technical and organisational possibilities at their disposal. Suspicion of misuse must be reported immediately to the computer operational staff.
  • Changes in the configuration of the department network, especially by temporary connections of portable information technological equipment to the department network, may only be undertaken with the consent of the computer operational staff.
  • All acquisitions of EDP equipment, also those which are not bought out of Department of Mathematics funds, are to be co-ordinated with the supervisor of the EDP area. The computer operational staff are only in charge of equipment which is compatible with the infrastructure onhand. Equipment and computer architectures, which are not compatible with the equipment technology onhand, whose personel care cannot be guaranteed or would lead to considerable additional expenses for the department, will not be taken care of by the department, especially not intergrated in the computer network. The department does not put any resources at disposal in such cases at all.