IT Services

Rules for the EDP area of the Department of Mathematics at the Technische Universität Berlin


Notwithstanding legal regulations the user is forbidden,

  • to use information technological equipment for statements in picture, sound or text which glorify violence, pornography or racial hatred. Also statements are forbidden which discriminate against sex, race or religion,
  • to call up, to transport or to store computer games,
  • to make it possible for other people to have unauthorized access to your authorization or the EDP area, e.g. by passing-on the password or by negligent behaviour,
  • to obstruct the computers in the computer rooms by more than very short work breaks,
  • to smoke, to eat or to drink in the computer rooms,
  • to cause avoidable noise with the use of the EDP area,
  • to use the EDP area to supervise other users,
  • to turn equipment on or off. With the exception of monitors and public accessible personal computers, if necessary,
  • to plug-in or unplug connectors, especially to disconnect the power supply or to turn it on again,
  • to intervene in the normal running of the computer system. If required the user should contact the computer operational staff. Each breakdown in operation is to be reported immediately to the computer operational staff,
  • to carry out own attempts to repair equipment.