IT Services

Available software in the research area of the Institute of Mathematics

Text processing

Edit office documents (Linux and macOS)

Under Linux and macOS, you can use the LibreOffice program package to read and edit Office documents from Word, Excel or PowerPoint. It can be started under Linux with the command libreoffice or also ooffice from a terminal.

On Apple Macintosh computers, Microsoft Office for macOS is also available by default via a campus contract from the TU Berlin. The licensing is valid for the duration of the contract (currently 30.4.2025).


Edit TeX documents (Linux and macOS)

The program package LaTeX is centrally maintained on the Linux desktop computers and the Apple Macintosh computers at the institute. The software suite TexLive is installed.

Graphical support for editing and typesetting TeX documents is provided under Linux by the programs lyx and kile. A TeX module can also be loaded into the editors emacs and xemacs. The LaTeX formatted texts (*.tex) can also be created command line oriented with an editor and processed afterwards. With the program pdflatex, for example, one converts the TeX files into PDF files.

To view finished PDF files, you can use the graphical programs okular, evince or even acroread on Linux desktop computers. However, Adobe no longer officially supports acroread.

Under macOS, TeXShop, Texmaker and TeXstudio are available.

For official use, the tuletter class is available (access to the info page only from the net area of the Institute of Mathematics).