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Printing on the Linux and macOS workstations

All printers of the research area of the Institute of Mathematics print with the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS).

For the Linux workstations, a certain nomenclature, especially based on the room numbers, has been established for naming the available printer queues. Read the details in the general introduction to print under Linux.

For the Apple Macintosh workstations, the print menus of the programs contain the printers with the names of their models, also extended by the corresponding room number.

Setting up the printers on notebooks

Set up printer under macOS

You can set up the printers on a notebook under macOS via our CUPS-Floorservers (list only internally readable). This is easiest to do in Terminal via a single (long) command and is (especially from Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite) the best variant in terms of printing speed. See the list of commands (this page is also internally readable only) for the individual publicly accessible printers in the house.

Printing under MS Windows

Since the printers of the Institute of Mathematics are located in a subnet that is not generally accessible, the printers are not directly available. Especially printing under MS Windows is affected by this.

Below you will find PDF documents with instructions for printing from a notebook with MS Windows.

Download list for printing under MS Windows

Download list for printing under MS Windows

Poster printing

The Institute of Mathematics has a poster printer. If you are interested, read the additional information.