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Mail accounts at ZECM and at the Institute of Mathematics

The Technische Universität Berlin creates a user account with a mail address

when hiring an employee or enrolling a student. This address is linked to a mail account at the Exchange Server of the TU Berlin. This account is not identical with a user account at the Institute of Mathematics. With a user account in mathematics you get a mail address and a mailbox

at the mail server of mathematics. Many employees in the Institute of Mathematics read their e-Mails only under the mail account of Mathematics. However, the TU Berlin will always send official letters from the HR department or circulars etc. to the address only. Therefore it is necessary to read the mails on the Exchange Server as well or to redirect the mails to Mathematics. Instructions on how to set up the Exchange mail server service for various mail clients can be found on the corresponding ZECM web pages. Read below how to set up a forwarding of e-Mails at the Exchange Server of the TU Berlin to send the mails to your mail account in Mathematics.

Please note that the following instructions deal exclusively with the forwarding of all mails. The creation of general filter rules on the Exchange Server documents tubIT. If you are looking for information on this, please read here.