IT Services

Registration to the computer network in the research area of the Institute of Mathematics

According to the user regulations, employees and guests of the Institute of Mathematics can apply for a user ID in the computer network of the research groups of the Institute of Mathematics. Upon request of a supervisor of the institute, students of mathematics and tutors at the Institute of Mathematics may also apply for a user ID for the use of resources available only in the research computer area. Persons without a corresponding assignment to a work group can apply directly to the user administration.

With the registration of an account you receive a mail address <Loginname> This address will be used to inform about system messages like expiration of the account, exceeding disk space usage or maintenance dates. Furthermore some central mailing lists of the institute use this address to inform about internal matters. It is neccessary to read the mails under the address You can read the mails from our mailserver or give us a forwarding address within the registration form.

It is also possible to receive accounts for self management for the IT in the research area in limited dimension. You have to state a responsible person with an own account in the computer network of the research area. This person can sign over accounts to guests or little groups with respect to the conditions of the Benutzerordnung (user regulations). Every such user has to sign the rules of the research computer area. For groups you can use a list. See the prepared forms at the end of this page. wie im links oben zur Verfügung gestellten Formular "AnerkennungOrdnung.pdf".

Oliver Voigt from system administration is responsible for creation and maintenance of user accounts, substituted by Annette Jäkel.

For faster processing, you are welcome to send us the forms with the required signatures in advance electronically (scanned or as an image) via email to:

Then please send the original application by regular mail to the address indicated on the form. Thank you very much!

Regarding to the rules of the Benutzerordnung (User regulations) is it possible to use our DHCP Service to receive a dynamic IP address for your laptop.

Please also note our general data privacy statement when applying for a user ID or access to the DHCP server.