IT Services

Fields of activity of IT personnel at the research area of the Institute of Mathematics

Specific fields of activity

If you have computer problems within the computer network of the research area please address to the central system administration (staff), if no specific contact address is mentioned below. A staff member will communicate with you.

If you want to reach the mail addresses listed in the following table from outside the mathematics computer network, please append the domain to the mail address in each case.

Field of activityAdministratore-Mail
System administration generally staff
System administration administrative offices & administrationAndreas Flügge, Roman Alexandermactutor
Central user administrationOliver Voigtanmeldung
MailserviceAnnette Jäkelpostmaster
WebserviceAndreas Flügge, Roman Alexanderwebmaster
SVN- and GIT-ServiceRalf Hoffmann, Annette Jäkelsvn_staff, git_staff
FileserverPatrick Leickner, Annette Jäkel, Sven Grottke, Dr. Norbert Paschedagfs_staff
Data Backup/RestorePatrick Leickner, Annette Jäkelfs_staff
Mathematical software packagesAnnette Jäkel, Ralf Hoffmann 
TeXRoman Alexandertexmaster
printing of postersPhilipp Glandposter
Linux-Cluster, ComputeserverSven Grottke, Dr. Norbert Paschedagclust_staff
Apple Macintosh computersAndreas Flügge, Roman Alexandermactutor
Windows server and client computerMichael Kilian, Oliver Voigtwin_staff
Scanning with the copiersAndreas Flügge, Roman Alexanderscan_staff

Administration of floor areas

Linux-Computers and Laptops

The staff of the Institute of Mathematics is supported by the system administrators regarding installation, care and maintenance of the Linux desktops, official laptops and peripheral hardware set up in terminal rooms and offices.

Please contact the central system support (staff), the responsible colleague will get in touch with you!

However, if personal contact is necessary, the corresponding contact details are also available.

8. OG OstOliver Voigt
8. OG WestOliver Voigt
7. OG OstOliver Voigt
7. OG WestOliver Voigt, Annette Jäkel
6. OG OstBenjamin Lorenz
6. OG WestAnnette Jäkel
5. OG OstRalf Hoffmann
5. OG WestPatrick Leickner
4. OG OstRalf Hoffmann
4. OG WestPatrick Leickner
3. OG OstOliver Voigt
3. OG WestSven Grottke, Dr. Norbert Paschedag
Berlin Mathematical School (BMS) MA 209Annette Jäkel, Ralf Hoffmann
EG WestAnnette Jäkel, Ralf Hoffmann
E-Building (Innocampus)Ralf Hoffmann, Annette Jäkel

Apple Macintosh computers and laptops

Apple workstations and service laptops are used in particular in the secretarial and administrative areas. Andreas Flügge and Roman Alexander are responsible for looking after these computer systems. They are assisted by support staff who provide first level IT support. If you have technical problems or questions about the handling of the devices and software programs in the secretariats and administration, please write an e-mail to mactutor(at) or call (030) 314 27865.

Attention: At the moment the IT-Support is not available at the given phone number! Please use the contact by e-mail.


MS Windows - Access and Administration

The IT in the research area at the Institute of Mathematics consists for the most part of Linux workstations. For specific use cases, access to Windows terminal servers is available. Windows-specific questions and problems, also for official laptops running MS Windows, are handled by our colleagues Michael Kilian and Oliver Voigt. Please contact the central support address of this activity field (win_staff).