IT Services

Counterparts in working groups

Following counterparts in the working groups of the institute are responsible to provide assistance with basic questions of computer and software handling and to make a contact to system administration if neccessary. 

They sign the application forms for the working groups and comfirm the group membership of a new account to a specific unix group. 

If there is no counterpart for your work group, address directly to the central system administration (staff).

AG Modelling, Numerics, Differential EquationsAnnette Jäkel, MA 676, 23628
 Andreas Flügge, MA680, 23748
 Dr. Norbert Paschedag, MA 368, 29264
 Sven Grottke, MA 368, 29283
 Patrick Leickner, MA 565, 28576
 Roman Alexander, MA 565, 28576
AG Discrete and Algorithmic MathematicsNieke Aerts, MA 603, 78791
Chair of COGA (MA 5-1, MA 5-2)Frank Lutz, MA 521, 78648
 Ralf Hoffmann, MA 522, 21270
Chair of Discrete Mathematics / GeometryBenjamin Lorenz, MA 624, 26343
AG Stochastics and Mathematical FinanceN.N.
AG Geometry and Mathematical PhysicsOliver Voigt, MA 809, 314 24984
Unix-PoolRalf Hoffmann, MA 522, 21270
Administration of Institute / Faculty Service CenterAndreas Flügge, MA 680, 23748
 Roman Alexander, MA 565, 28576
Area InnocampusMarc-Robin Wendt, E123, 29935
Guests of the InstituteN.N.