HPC Cluster


Access to the cluster is provided via Secure Shell (ssh) using the username received in the confirmation email sent when the account was set up, and the password on the application form. Linux and MacOS have ssh client software preinstalled, for Windows, a suitable package is putty.

The list below lists the available login servers:

  • cluster-i.math.tu-berlin.de
  • cluster-a.math.tu-berlin.de
  • cluster-g.math.tu-berlin.de
  • cluster-v.math.tu-berlin.de
  • cluster-x.math.tu-berlin.de

Also, there is a general alias address


which currently points to cluster-i.

The login servers have identical software setup but have some differences in their hardware. This can be relevant if (e.g.) GPUs are required.

Generally, the login servers are not meant for production runs but for pre and postprocessing of jobs.