Calls for Theses and Overview of Topics

Subject Areas Covered

Research AssociateResearch Areas & Topic Proposals
Bähring, MaximilianSystemic / holistic view of urban logistics

Simulation of (regional) logistics networks

Urban Logistics (e.g. Analysis of the Research Landscape)

Transport Logistics
Brands, JonasAutomation Technologies
Coll, AngelicaLogistics in the Textile Industry

Humanitarian Logistics

Logistics in Africa (with focus on Ethiopia)
Gorgas, Benjamin“Digital Twin“-Applications
Kaya, GülsahDynamic modelling in urban transport

Improve logistics with smart technology

Sustainable urban freight transport logistics
Koch, MartinAutonomous delivery concepts

Urban logistics

Route optimization
Maas, JulianAutonomous last mile delivery concepts

Challenges & trends in the last mile and how they are addressed by autonomous driving

Development of evaluation concepts of last mile fulfilment concepts

Literature review of existing (autonomous) last mile fulfilment concepts

Development of a route optimisation of a two-stage system with delivery vehicles and delivery robots (potentially with a focus on a suitable time window control)

Development of customer profiles with affinities for different fulfilment concepts

Development of technical handling concepts in autonomous fulfilment concepts
Nitsche, BenjaminThe role of digitalization in improving the logistics performance of African countries

Start-ups in logistics and their contribution to developing African countries

Automation and autonomization in logistics

Issues in international logistics (focus on Africa, Belt and Road Initiative, among others)

global supply disruptions

Contribution of digital technologies to sustainability in international logistics networks

Research trends in sustainable supply chains

Application of the Delphi technique in logistics research

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA): Barriers and potentials for international logistics networks
Sinn, FlorianLiterature Review on Risk Assessment Tools in Logistics (BA)
Tasche, LarsHydrogen in Logistics

Autonomous transport in logistics centres

Potential analysis of multifunctional mobility stations

Sustainable Mobility

Simulation models for planning and controlling sustainable mobility

Options for Cooperation

There are extensive cooperations with industrial, commercial and service companies where students can work on problems from practice. The cooperation within the framework of the preparation of student research projects and diploma theses refers to first-rate companies of the German economy such as Audi, Bayer, BMW, Adtranz/Bombardier, Bertelsmann, Bosch, Braun, DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo AG, Frankfurt / Main Airport, Gildemeister, Gilette, Kühne & Nagel, Porsche, Quelle, Schering, Schindler, Siemens, Volkswagen and others.

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