Thesis colloquium of the Chair Logistics

Aim of the colloquium

  • Exchange with other students provides impulses for own topics 
  • Active presentation of one's own topic with subsequent discussion can help to continuously question the status of one's work. 
  • Moderators provide content-related and methodological assistance in the preparation of theses: Research Associate with numerous supervised theses & in winter term participation of honorary professor Prof. Dr. Sebastian Jürgens 
  • Voluntary event (no grading)


  • Short presentation on own work status (approx. 10-20 minutes per presentation) 
  • Followed by joint discussion (approx. 10 minutes per presentation) 
  • Focus on discussion between students 
  • Students can also just attend, but are required to present at regular intervals. 
  • Students have to reserve slots for a presentation and discussion of their work in advance.

Upcoming Dates of the Lecture

Format90 Minutes, 2-3 Student presentations