Theory or Practice?

Students of Industrial Engineering and Management and other degree programmes can write their final thesis at the Chair of Logistics. These can be written as purely theoretical theses or in connection with a practical activity of the student. The prerequisite for working on a practical thesis is the linking of currently relevant scientific questions with a practical task to be solved. Practical theses require a high degree of independence and involve a stay of several months on site. This form is therefore particularly suitable for Master's theses, which should then be written at the end of the degree programme if possible, so as not to collide with examinations and semester courses. In addition, the student can contribute a high level of knowledge at this point.

Requirements for the supervision of theses at the Chair of Logistics

Bachelor: Successful completion of the course Fundamentals of Logistics at the Chair of Logistics at the beginning of the thesis, or comparable proof of basic knowledge of logistics.

Master: Successful completion of all in-depth courses relevant to the topic of the thesis at the Chair of Logistics at the beginning of the thesis, as proof of comprehensive knowledge of logistics.

Participation in the digital event "Introduction to Scientific Research" before or at the beginning of the thesis (see here for details).

Application with complete documents incl. desired start of work and, if applicable, desired topic (overview of current topics) to the secretary's office of the Chair of Logistics.

Request for a thesis at the Chair of Logistics

Students interested in writing a thesis at the Chair of Logistics should send the following information to the secretary's office of the Chair of Logistics (sekretariat(at)logistik.tu-berlin.de):

  • Period in which the thesis is to be written
  • Limitation of the subject areas (max. 3) in which the academic paper is to be written (for supervised subject areas, see here)
  • Information on whether the thesis is a practical or theoretical one
  • OR the topic of the thesis, if it has already been defined with a company. In this case, a short exposé must also be prepared regarding the problem, practical objective, scientific objective and methodological approach.
  • Curriculum vitae and overview of grades of academic achievements to date.

With this information, our team can promptly decide on the supervision of your proposals and inform you accordingly. Due to the large number of requested theses, it is unfortunately not always possible to support all requests while maintaining the same high quality of mentoring.

! Therefore, we strongly recommend that you plan one month in advance and contact the secretariat as early as possible.

Thesis Request

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