IT-Lab Logistics

Software for Teaching and Research

The IT Lab Logistics of the Chair of Logistics is equipped with twelve computer workstations and one lecturer's workstation.

Students can learn how to use various software applications here. These include:

  • SAP® S4/HANA (introduction to the functions and use of cloud-based ERP systems for planning and executing customer order processes).
  • Plant Simulation® material flow simulation (setting up a simulation model for production and assembly, optimising material flows from a logistical point of view)
  • RStudio® (integrated development environment and graphical user interface for the statistical programming language R.)
  • AnyLogistix (mapping, optimisation and simulation of logistical value-added networks using modular digital mappings)

Outside of the integrated courses and exercises, the IT Lab serves as a place for coworking and learning for the students of the logistics modules.

Use of Simulations in Teaching

With the help of various simulations of simple logistics models, students in the IT Lab can learn about the various levers of logistics through gamification approaches. In the process, a variety of topics, from warehouse games to the national transport network, are simply explained and turned into challenging learning units through exciting scenarios.

All simulation models of the Chair Logistics can also be accessed in the Anylogic Cloud. In particular, the "Last Mile Routing Problem" model, which won an award from Anylogic at the end of 2022, is also used in teaching.


If you are interested in the activities and opportunities in our IT Lab Logistics (including research support, logistics training), please contact:

Jonas Brands

Regulations for the Use of the IT-Lab Logistics (PC Pool)

§ 1 Use of the PC Pool

  1. The use of the facilities of the Logistics PC Pool is permitted to lecturers and students of the Technical University of Berlin, preferably in the field of study Industrial Engineering and Management, who attend courses in the PC Pool of the Chair of Logistics. The Head of the Chair of Logistics decides on exceptions for other users.
  2. By handing over the key card, the user accepts the obligation to observe and comply with the data protection laws and licence regulations of the available software.
  3. The user is obliged to return the key card to the secretary's office H 90 after completing the course for which the key card was issued. The user ID and data stored on hard disks under this ID will then be deleted.
  4. The usage authorisation extends to the Windows PCs available in the Logistics PC pool and the software installed on them, peripheral devices provided and the operating resources and services required for this. The usage authorisation is only valid for use within the scope of studies or teaching. Misuse of the services may lead to exclusion from use.
  5. Users are obliged to use the facilities and services appropriately. In particular, waste and misuse are to be prevented.
  6. Restrictions on operating resources may be imposed in order to achieve the best possible utilisation of the available operating resources and their fairest possible distribution among all users. Principles shall be set by the management.
  7. Depictions glorifying violence, pornography, racism and incitement to hatred in image, sound and writing are prohibited.
  8. Every user must behave in such a way that disturbances of any kind for other users are avoided.
  9. Users must observe the regulations made and announced in detail to maintain orderly operation and to ensure the safety of persons, files and installations.
  10. Eating and drinking is prohibited in the entire area of the PC pool. When leaving the computer workstation, the computer must be shut down properly. If another user wishes to take over the workstation, the previous user must log off properly. Persons who do not have a user permit themselves are not permitted to enter the PC pool. When leaving the room, care must be taken to ensure that doors and windows are properly locked.
  11. The PC pool can be used from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 20:00. This does not apply to times when courses are being held in the PC pool. The room assignment can be found on the room plan on the door of H 9107.

§ 2 Protection of the Facilities

  1. The facilities of the Logistics PC Pool are protected against damage and misuse by suitable spatial accommodation, access regulations and other organisational measures.
  2. The key card allows entry and exit within the designated opening hours. A deposit of € 20.00 is payable on receipt of the key card.
  3. The key card must be returned without being asked at the end of the course attended. The loss of the key card must be reported immediately.

§ 3 Protection of the Software

  1. The software available on the facilities of the Logistics PC Pool is protected by suitable organisational and technical measures, taking into account the contracts and obligations concluded. It may only be used for the purposes of studying and teaching. In particular, operational regulations shall define and announce which authorised users may use which software, in what manner and to what extent. Any use beyond this requires the express prior consent of the Head of the Chair of Logistics in special, justified individual cases.
  2. The making of copies of software protected by licensing law is prohibited.
  3. Any installation of software by users is not permitted. Software will only be installed by the Chair of Logistics in compliance with existing licence rights.

§ 4 Protection of the Files

Insofar as data protection law does not conflict with this, the following regulations apply:

  1. Users are only permitted to create files within the scope of their processing assignment.
  2. Any inspection, modification or deletion as well as any other access to files is only permitted to the respective user or persons authorised by him or her. In justified cases, the Chair of Logistics may deviate from this for reasons of data security, organisation or operation as well as to uncover suspected misuse. In the event of suspected misuse, the clients concerned must be informed immediately. The users agree that the operator may make backup copies of the files if necessary. The operator is entitled at any time to delete files which are recognised as malware (viruses, etc.).
  3. Access to files made available by the Chair of Logistics for general use is only permitted in the manner announced by the Chair of Logistics.
  4. Suitable protective measures must be taken by the authorised users and the Logistics Chair for files requiring special protection. The storage of such data must be agreed with the Chair of the Logistics.

§ 5 Data Protection

  1. The user agrees to the processing and storage of the following personal data: First name, last name, matriculation number, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

§ 6 Liability

  1. The Chair of Logistics accepts no liability for the correct functioning of the equipment it operates and the software it provides, nor for the correctness of results and for meeting deadlines. The Chair of Logistics accepts no liability for the loss of data, including data generated by users and stored on the facilities of the Logistics PC Pool.

§ 7 Regulations of Details

  1. If individual regulations are of particular importance for the users of the Logistics PC Pool, they will be published on the website of the Chair of Logistics. In particular, regulations that oblige users to behave in certain ways or require them to refrain from doing so are of special importance.

§ 8 Sanctions

  1. In the event of violations of the usage regulations, the management of the Chair of Logistics may temporarily or permanently exclude authorised users from using the facilities. Furthermore, disciplinary measures, claims for damages and criminal prosecution are reserved.