Integrated Logistics Laboratory

With the Integrated Logistics Laboratory, the Chair of Logistics has a research and teaching laboratory equipped with the latest material flow and identification technologies directly on the historic main campus of the Technical University of Berlin.

In the Integrated Logistics Laboratory, all essential internal logistics processes can be simulated in a compact manner using state-of-the-art equipment, from incoming goods to internal transport, storage, order picking and packaging or outgoing goods. The Integrated Logistics Laboratory thus forms the basis for research into the interplay of state-of-the-art technologies and intelligent processes in logistics, as well as for the teaching of practice-relevant logistics skills in teaching.

The Integrated Logistics Laboratory is digitally connected to the Logistics PC Pool.

Especially for teaching purposes, teaching content on production and logistics planning is combined with physical processing in the Integrated Logistics Laboratory to form an integrated scenario in the sense of a "business management game" - the Logistics division as a supplier of customised toy vehicles.

Another highlight of the "Integrated Logistics Lab" is the RFID test environment, which includes several stationary and mobile passive as well as active RFID systems.

In combination with the existing material flow technology as well as the IT competence in the development of test software and the evaluation of RFID data, the feasibility of RFID use in the most diverse logistical application scenarios can be evaluated in the Integrated Logistics Laboratory.

Possible Usages

The Integrated Logistics Laboratory at TU Berlin offers a wide range of uses for research, teaching, further education, etc.:

  • Pupils and interested parties to get to know and apply technical logistics processes on site, e.g. within the framework of
  • companies, without disrupting their own processes, to explore the use of the latest technologies and strategies in logistics
    • Assembly supply
    • customised production and logistics
    • new picking strategies for e-commerce
    • Lawyers, economists, software developers etc. can discover the complex world of logistics using a compact, holistic scenario

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Location and Contact

The Integrated Logistics Laboratory is located in the historic Building V on the South Campus. The entrance is located in the courtyard between buildings V and SE. Please note that access from Fasanenstraße between buildings K and KF is currently closed for security reasons.

If you are interested in the activities and opportunities in our lab (including research support, logistics training), please contact:

Joel Cedric Lengeling or Stefan Pohle