All course performances in the Chair of Logistics are examined in the form of portfolio examinations. Please refer to the course data sheets for the composition of the respective courses and the performance components. If a performance has already been achieved in the course, e.g. a lecture in the semester, the completion of the course is obligatory and a deregistration is no longer possible.

As a rule, all partial performances of a course must be completed within one semester. In the event of illness, a sick note must be submitted to the secretary's office of the department within three days of the examination date (written exam, lecture, etc.). Otherwise, the performance will be graded with 5.0. The repetition of the examination at the next possible date is obligatory and must be agreed with the respective supervising assistant.

The examinations usually take place in the last week of lectures and the first two weeks of holidays and cannot be displayed with the exact dates in QISPOS for technical reasons. For the exact dates, please refer to the homepage of the Chair of Logistics.

Guide for presentation exams

Portfolio exams at the Logistics Department often include group work followed by a final presentation. To assist you in creating these presentations, we have developed a guide with useful tips on project and group work, the structure of project-based presentations, and the general visual design of slides. You can find the guide here. Please note that this guide only contains general tips for creating presentations. Depending on the course, the module-specific requirements may differ from the guide. If you are unsure, please contact the person responsible for the module.

Registeration for examinations via the MTS

Portfolio examinations must be registered in time via the MTS, usually within the first 6 weeks after the start of lectures (i.e. in the summer semester no later than on the 31st of May, in the winter semester no later than on the 30th of November). Each course must be registered only once, regardless of the type and number of courses that make up the course. Should students wish to withdraw from the examinations, this is permitted before taking the first examination. In such and other special cases, the respective lecturing research associate of the course must be contacted.

In the case of illness on the day of a registered examination, a medical certificate must be sent to the lecturing research associate of the course on the day of the examination. All of the following modalities are communicated depending on the type of examination and the course.

Information on re-examination

The re-examination for the summer semester 2022 will take place on 11.10.2022 at 10:00 a.m. in room H 9107.

If required, please register with the persons responsible for the courses as well as bindingly in the ISIS course (see below) by participating in the voting there. You can only take part in the re-examination if you have registered in advance.

For registration in the ISIS course, please register with the person responsible for the course.

Evaluation of the Examination Performance

Since the 9th of September 2020, new general study and examination regulations (AllgStuPO) has been in force at the TU Berlin. These are available here.

In Section 68 (2) it states: "In case of portfolio examinations, the module grade is derived from a points system. This points system defines maximum point scores for the individual exam components; points are awarded based on the level of fulfillment." For the modules in the Logistics chair, this means that partial grades are no longer awarded for lectures or presentations, but points. The grade for the course is then determined by the total number of points achieved (maximum 100 points).

At its meeting on 28 May 2014, the Faculty Council of Faculty VII (Economics and Management) decided on the following grading system for portfolio examinations, which applies to the modules of the Logistics chair:

GradeFrom ... Points